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Biometrics guidance – Consultation feedback form

The OPC is seeking your feedback on how to best update guidance related to handling biometric information, for both public and private sector organizations.

To that end, the OPC has released two draft guidance documents – one of which addresses risks under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canada’s federal private sector privacy law, while the other pertains to the Privacy Act, which governs how federal institutions handle personal information.

Your answers to the following questions will help us to further improve our guidance on biometric technologies for public and private sector organizations.

Instructions on filling out this survey

The survey is divided into a few sections including information about you; general impressions of the guidance; and specific longer-form questions on various aspects of the draft guidance.

Please note: The web application will not save work in progress. In order to prevent losing any unsaved longer-form responses, we would suggest preparing text in a separate document and then copying and pasting into the form before submitting your response. Responses will be saved to the system once submitted.

Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback by January 12, 2024. Your contribution to this consultation is greatly appreciated.

Privacy Notice: Your personal information will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

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